Monday, June 17, 2013

Differences between Sanitization and Sterilization? How to clean the Product Manufacturing Vessels?

1.How to sanitize the Water Supply lines?
Sanitize the water supply lines
Sanitize by Steam flush and Chlorinization.

2.How  to clean the Product Manufacturing Vessels?
Wash the vat with portable water. Rubbing the vat & lid with 1% sodium lauryl sulphate & then washing the inner side & outside with potable water. Washing the vat by hot water & then rinsing the vat with DM water. Rubbing the vat with 70% IPA. And the cleaning procedure must be validated.

3.What are the differences between Sanitization and Sterilization?
Sterilization is a process or technique to remove bacteria and all types of viable microorganism.
Duration: 14 days
Reduction the number of micro-organism to a safe or relatively safe level as determined by applicable, regulations or the purpose of application

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