Monday, June 17, 2013

Air classification of clean room, gram +Ve & gram –Ve bacteria & Endotoxin

1.Write short note on gram +Ve & gram –Ve bacteria ? which one is more pathogenic ?

Gram +Ve Bacteria

Gram +Ve bacteria are those that are stained dark blue or violate by gram staining. This is  contrast to gram –Ve .

Gram –Ve Bacteria

Gram –Ve bacteria are those bacteria that do not retain crystal violate dye in the gram staining protocol.
Gram –Ve bacteria is more pathogenic than gram +Ve.

2.Write Air classification on cleanliness of parentral preparation.

Air Classification on cleanliness of parentral preparation

Grade            At Rest                       In Operation        
              Maximum permitted particles/ m3 = or above
               0.5 µ                       0.5µ            
Grade A  3500         0                 3500            0
Grade B  3500         0                 350000        2000
Grade C  350000    2000            3500000      20000
Grade D  3500000  20000              Not Defined

3.Mention Autoclave period and temperature.

Temperature : 1210 C
Duration : 15 minutes
Pressure : 15 lbs Pressure/Square inch

4.What is the source of Endotoxin ? Write the source of Microbial Contamination of Product.


Endotoxin are bacterial dead cell or garbage.


Source of Endotoxin

Gram –Ve bacterial cell wall.

Source of microbial contamination of a product

Person, Water, Air, RM, Rubber stopper, Glass Vial and Garments

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