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The document describes about Friability; How to Determine the Friability; Optical Rotation; pH; Buffer Action; Dissolution; Difference between Dissolution & Assay; Dissolution Media & Procedure; Disintegration Time; Viscosity; Density etc. These are the basic knowledge of pharmaceutics. 

The following document contains 40 Questions with their Answers. The Questions are about Validation; Types of Validation; Complaint & Recall; Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA); Process Control; Sanitation; Starting Materials; Intermediate, Bulk & Finished Products; Documents & Records; Defects of Products; Sterilization; Clean Room & Aseptic Area; Endotoxins etc.

To know about Isotonic Solution; Hypertonic Solution; Hypotonic Solution and Preparation of Isotonic Solution click the this link.

The following document contains Some common Definitions; Fast pass metabolism; Anti Microbial Drugs; Anti Hypertensive Drug; Drug Affecting Blood; Anti Hyperlipidemic Drugs; Chemotherapeutic Drugs; Drugs used to treat peptic ulcer; Drugs used in Diabetics; Antifungal Drugs; Antiprotozoal Drugs; Antiviral Drugs; Anticancer Drugs etc.

To know about basic physiology; Blood; Endocrine System; Alimentary System; Nervous system; Cardio Vascular system; Respiratory system; Urinary system click the following link. 

This file contains different types of tablet die & punch (tooling) grades and their measurements with figure.

HVAC System has a high importance to control room condition especially in Pharmaceutical Company to produce quality product. This documents help to get the idea about what is HVAC System, the necessity of the HVAC System, components and parameters of air, environmental effects on medicinal products, composition of contamination, cross-contamination etc.

Pharmaceutical Excipients which are most commonly used in Pharmaceutical company to manufacture different types of dosage forms are listed shortly with their functional category and range of use according to "Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients". To download this document click the link.

 Periodic Table in PDF File

Method of preparation for different types of Primary Solution and Volumetric Solution used in pharmaceutical and chemical use.

Method of preparation for different types of Standard Solution used in pharmaceutical and chemical use.


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