Friday, March 22, 2013

Fumigation Method for Pest Control Used in Aseptic Area


Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants to suffocate or poison the pests within. It is utilized for control of pests.

Fumigation usually involves the following phases: First the area to be fumigated is cleaned and disinfected as per SOP Clean up of Aseptic Area. Next the fumigant (40 % formaldehyde solution is widely used as fumigant) is released (create fume by heating the solution with a heater) into the space to be fumigated. After completely evaporation of  formaldehyde solution the space is held for a set period (eg. 6 hours) while the fumigant gas percolates through the space and acts on and kills any infestation in the product, next the space is ventilated so that the poisonous gases are allowed to escape from the space, and render it safe for humans to enter.

Preparation of Fumigation Solution:
Prescription:  Use formaldehyde at the rate of 2.5-mg/ liter volume space. [1litre º 0.03531466 cft]
Take the required quantity of 40 % formalin according to the prescription and add 25 % distilled water to make the stock solution.

40 % commercial formalin i.e., 100ml contains 40gm of formaldehyde.
According to prescription 1 litre or 0.03531466 cft require 2.5 mg of formaldehyde.
    1 cft require    =                                         mg of Formaldehyde

                                            2.5 x V
    V cft require  =                                          mg of Formaldehyde  
                             0.03531466        (Where V = Volume of space to be fumigated).                    
                              = 70.792V mg     = 0.070792V   gm

        40 gm Formaldehyde from 100ml Commercial formalin

     1 gm           ,,                       ,,                    ml  Commercial formalin
                                                100 x 0.070792V
 0.070792V gm  ,,            ,,                                     ml Commercial formalin
                                                           = 0.17698 V ml commercial formalin 

Widely used fumigants include:


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