Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Basic Knowledege of Pharmaceutical Science

To know about Friability; How to Determine the Friability; Optical Rotation; pH; Buffer Action; Dissolution; Difference between Dissolution & Assay; Dissolution Media & Procedure; Disintegration Time; Viscosity; Density click the following link. These are the basic knowledge of pharmaceutics. 

 Basic Pharmaceutical Knowledge (Part-01)

The following document contains 40 Questions with their Answers. The Questions are about Validation; Types of Validation; Complaint & Recall; Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA); Process Control; Sanitation; Starting Materials; Intermediate, Bulk & Finished Products; Documents & Records; Defects of Products; Sterilization; Clean Room & Aseptic Area; Endotoxins etc.

Basic Pharmaceutical Knowledge (Part-02)

To know about Isotonic Solution; Hypertonic Solution; Hypotonic Solution and Preparation of Isotonic Solution click the following link.

Isotonic Solution

The following document contains Some common Definitions; Fast pass metabolism; Anti Microbial Drugs; Anti Hypertensive Drug; Drug Affecting Blood; Anti Hyperlipidemic Drugs; Chemotherapeutic Drugs; Drugs used to treat peptic ulcer; Drugs used in Diabetics; Antifungal Drugs; Antiprotozoal Drugs; Antiviral Drugs; Anticancer Drugs etc.


Basic Pharmacological Terms

To know about basic physiology; Blood; Endocrine System; Alimentary System; Nervous system; Cardio Vascular system; Respiratory system; Urinary system click the following link. 

Basic Physiological Terms

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